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Signage is a mode of communicating a specific message to the viewer more so for promotional reasons. These messages are placed in areas which have maximum viewership such as street junctions or in the interiors or exterior areas of commercial centres or buildings. They can be in the form of billboards, banners, murals and also include smaller forms like street signs, lawn signs etc. In today’s age of digitization there is greater tendency to use electronic or digital displays. Signage is to be differentiated from labeling which is being used mainly for the purposes of imparting useful information. Signage is not restricted to mere provision of information it has several other functional roles to play.

Persuading or swaying users towards a particular product or service by extolling the merits of the same or the company manufacturing it is one purpose. Indicating directions to certain facilities, services and functional areas through arrow signs or sign posts is another function. Identification signs, dynamic navigational signs or regulatory signs are some other examples of the purposes served by signage.